Sunday, May 15, 2011

catch up pictures

Two birthdays:Our grandson James and
our youngest son James.
Our son James has had dirt cake for the last at least
18 years , its his favorite. I had a friend who made dirt
cake once, put it in a new pot and stuck flowers in it.
After dinner was over she stretched and said, "I'm still
hungry" so she scooped up some of the dirt out of the flower
pot and gulped it down. Her little boys just sat there with their
mouths open. Pretty funny. If anyone wants the recipe just
ask and I'll post it.

Our sweet son James, husband to Beth , father of three of the
cutest little ones!

The name of the game this day was "capture the chicken". Natalie
did a great job and was rewarded with lots of nice pets.

Jim and the  scouts on a hike up to Boulder River . They had great
weather, it started raining right as they got back.

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