Sunday, June 19, 2011

no she's not mine

A funny little story that my manly man said was his favorite Father's Day present. One of our visiting grandchildren, Annika , was chosen at church to be the reverent child in front of the other children. She had her arms folded and was setting a very good example for the other children, who in turn were being very reverent. She must have gotten bored because suddenly her head fell to the side and her tongue fell out of her mouth. Of course the other children followed her example. Then she raised up her arms like an attacking bear, followed of course by the other children. One of the adults finally saw what was going on and asked her to sit down. Yep, that's our Annika. Sweetest girl on the earth, but, you never know what she's going to do next! Of course she got the " be a good example" lecture from her parents, all the while my manly man is laughing so hard he has to leave the room. Bad Grandpa!

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