Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sometimes I just need a reason to go outside, and on a beautiful day like today the reason was Conner and Natalie. As we were walking around the yard , looking at all different flowers, strawberries, birds and such, they reminded me to look past the weeds and just see the  beautiful. A good lesson for me!

I had to put this one in of manly man and John snoozing in the hammock.
We have alot of pictures like this with various grandchildren.

Mr. Buttercup continues to amuse us, he's wormed his way into our lives.

The last of the peonies .

These usually bloom in early June! I was afraid they had died on me.

Connor pestering the kitty.

We feasted on delicious strawberry shortcake.
My honey made the shortcake and it was the best

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