Sunday, July 10, 2011

wall of ancestors

In Sarah's guest room she has made a
wall of ancestors.
Isn't it cute! Picture after picture of
family. I love her idea.

I also love the fact that her children know
alot of these people from the past, and stories
connected to them. This one is my mother in the
middle with her great grandmother Anna Permelia
Clark, a pioneer that came from Illinois to Oregon.

This is a pregnant me playing with Jonathan who's just
having a delightful time in the water. We were living in
Monterrey California at the time.

I love this picture of my great-grandparents on
a family picnic up in the Blue Mts. by their home
in Dayton, Washington.

What is it that makes us feel more connected when
we see pictures of our past? I love the feeling.

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  1. that was nice,cherishing those moments really makes your family go strong together.