Saturday, October 8, 2011


Actually it's Rebecca Lynn, with various nick names in between.Bec, Becca, and Becky which was used the most when she started school. I was with her once and someone called her Rebecca and I remember thinking,"Why don't we call her that? It's so beautiful."  When Becky was born we hadn't decided on a middle name yet. I ended up having her c-section and by the time I woke up Jim had called everyone telling them her name was Rebecca Lynn. So....that's what it was! It was quite a popular name and she had a couple friends named Rebecca , one even Rebecca Lynn.
Since Becky was our fourth child under the age of six, I was a busy busy mom. I remember one night after I'd gotten everyone to bed, sitting on the couch with her across my knees, patting her back with one hand and writing in my journal with the other, cherishing that time with her. The best baby ever, I'd carry her around with me in her little seat as I went from one activity to another ( to protect her from siblings), she'd wait very patiently for me to look and talk to her, then give me her beautiful smile.She was the first to Christin our cradle her daddy made . Living in California when Sarah was born we were camping and ran across some beautiful redwood planks that Jim fell in love with, just sure he could make something beautiful with them. (I'm surprised now that he took them, it wasn't really like him.I'm usually the one lugging stuff home) He made some lovely things, one of them the cradle. The only problem with it was that the rocker rocked alittle too much. If she was in it you had to fiercely protect her. If a child rocked it, she would fly from side to side banging her head. You see my concern! It's still in our garage, were hoping some day maybe one of the grandchildren will want it and correct that rock.  We were living in Alaska when Becky was brought home from the hospital, it was 65 below zero. Wow, I can't even imagine that now. I had the most darling baby bunting made for her, white fur around the face, so precious. At first if we put her in it, we'd loose her....but she was warm! I remember it being alittle scary having a baby in such cold temperatures. But, it was Lia and not her who got her tongue stuck to the metal screen door. It was so sad. When you first arrive in Alaska  the air force has you attend a welcome meeting. They tell you about their "Lickm , Stickm, babysitting service outside the BX. There's a metal rail there and all you have to do is lick your little ones hand , stick it on the rail and they'll be there when you finish your shopping! I loved that. Don't remember ever using it though. So, little Becky had a cold start in life, which always made us wonder if that's why she was so warm blooded. She flashed that sweet smile all her life.


  1. Sweet memories on this day of remembering.
    Thinking of you.

  2. That was lovely, Linda. My heart is with you today.

  3. Linda I cried when I read this. Your darling sweet Becky. My thoughts and prayers are with you too xxxx

  4. What lovely memories.