Saturday, December 24, 2011


It's easy to concentrate on the negative things in
this world but it's our responsibility
to look for the good. Flaws seem to jump out
at us, even wave a flag sometimes their so obvious.
Look around you, open your eyes, search for the'll always find it.
This week my niece and two little children lost their
husband and father, Jay. A wonderful, caring man, he
was taken from them in a matter of hours. As they walk
through the fog of grief they are surrounded by wonderful
family and friends.....good people who care.

Let us all take time , in our busy lives to show the world that there are still
good kind caring people everywhere. And when your sure
there are not, look harder.

Bless you all this Christmas Eve Day.
We have so much to be thank-ful for.


  1. A day or so ago a child was attacked while asleep on holiday in New Zealand. She is still in hospital but it has touched so many hearts that the parents have asked that no more toys be given as there were far too many on top of a monetary fund that has been set up.

    A week or so ago an eight year old boy was on television and there was an appeal for funds as he had the most terrible buck teeth he could barely talk and needed orthodontist treatment as well as operations on his jaw. $99,000 was raised in one day.

    It is good to know that so many people care in spite of the current hard times.

  2. what sweet stories, thanks susan~

  3. We certainly do. Merry Christmas to you and yours and a special prayer for your niece and family.