Friday, March 23, 2012

The Happiness Project

I ordered this book on Amazon today. It was brought to my attention
on Nie Nie's blog. Gretchen (the author) interviewed Nie Nie on her
blog and I was really touched by some of Nie Nie's answers. We all
know that God wants us to be happy, but , I don't think we quite under-
stand what that means, or how to attain it.  It's like asking a child what
makes him happy. Well we all know what alot of them would say........
icecream, candy, no school............hmmm now I'm wondering what they
would say ??? Anyway it was a  good interview and made me think.

Here's one of the questions........

If you’re feeling blue, how do you give yourself a happiness boost? Or, like a “comfort food,” do you have a comfort activity? (mine is reading children’s books).
I have learned to keep busy. Keeping busy and serving others. I find satisfaction in helping others and realizing when I am blue that someone somewhere (probably just down the street, for all I know) have it worse than me, and I need to snap out of it and find my happiness. I have so much happiness all around me. I am spoiled.


  1. That answer - right on! Thanks for the book tip. I will look into this.

  2. Luckily I am not in need of 'Happiness' teacher; I was blessed with almost permanent happiness. I wake happy, and I retire happy. I'm also probably a one-off freak of nature!

  3. You are a wonder Cro!I must get some of that to rub off on me!