Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Walk with Conner

There's nothing like taking a walk with a little one. Their perspective is different then ours. And they most certainly like to take time to smell the roses. Or like Conner today....blow the dandelions or wishes as the Veatches call them. Abbi told Natalie to wish the mommy was alive again, she said she'd been wishing that for a year. What could I say except that I wished it too. 

He could not pass up one!

Not one!

(He loves the new chicks)


  1. Small children seem at their most relaxed when taking a walk. They do exactly what they want to do, and ask the most poignant questions. All the more reason to go walking with them as often as possible!

  2. What a sweetie your Conner is. Our Connor will be here in three weeks and I can't wait. We're timing the arrival of our chicks for when he and his big brother are here. I think a walk with a little fellow is the perfect thing to do on a sunny afternoon.

  3. Oh my gosh. Conner is so cute. I remember him and Natalie picking all those dandelions for you. :)

  4. He's a dear little chap. That's such a lovely picture of him with the chick. My heart goes out to Abbie and Natalie too and to you as well Linda xx