Friday, May 4, 2012

baby beds

A friend found these bunk beds at goodwill last week.She called
me to see if I wanted them. Of course I wanted them.
They went home with Madalynn and Abbi, but of course not til they
painted them and we made new bedding. They were both so excited and they'll fit their American Girl dolls perfectly.(of course they had to fight
about who was going to get to sleep on top! It never ends)

Reversible bed covers.Most of the material in the little quilts
are material from things I sewed for my sister, myself
and even some bridesmaid material from my
My mom collected dolls for years....I don't think I'll quite do that
but I might get an American Girl doll.(of course for the girls
to play with).


  1. I found a wonderful handmade (well made!) cradle at Goodwill one time and there wasn't even a girl to give it to but it was so wonderful ...and now it gos to Miranda......and I bought a quilt from someone on Etsy ....since I don't sew :-(

  2. I still love to look at doll furniture. I don't know about the American Girl dolls - I guess I'll have to find out.

  3. I just bought some American Girl dolls for two of my granddaughters. The clothes and accessories for these dolls cost more than clothes and accessories for my grandchildren.

  4. oh that's sweet you bought it Penny . Miranda will love it.

    Pondside as soon as you have a granddaughter you'll have to find American Girl dolls!

    Arlene yes they are pricey! We bought one for our youngest daughter and her daughter is still playing with it so they do ware well and the kids love them.And the wonderful books that go along with them are great.

  5. Linda those little beds are lovely. Love the little bedspreads too. Perhaps Madalynn and Abbie's dollies could be nice to each other and take it in turns to have the top bunk :0)