Sunday, May 13, 2012

bird baths??

Most of the time our "bird baths"
don't end up being for the

Now that we have kitties they have become
"kitty baths"

and of course since we've had bee's
they are also "bee bath's"

I've also seen the neighbor dog
relieving his thirst so I
guess their "dog bath's"

And to top it off the other day I saw the ducks
trying to get to this one , I don't think they
were successful, but give them
So, we have a "duck bath" also!

It's my job to keep them clean and filled which I am
happy to do!

Oh, I forgot about the squirrels too! I've seen them at the
second one.
So, we'll add "squirrel bath" to our list!

Loving the garden this year.It's been a couple years since I've
found "joy" in them. This year it doesn't feel as much of
a burden and I'm so thank-ful for that.


  1. I'm not quite so prolific as you Linda; I only have ONE, and that's for the cat to drink from. The birds ignore it (probably because of the cat).

  2. I first read this post many hours ago, Linda. Now I'm over on the mainland and coming back to it. The reason I didn't comment at noon was that the post reminded me that our two birdbaths needed cleaning and filling, so I ran right out and did that, and never got back to the computer before I had to leave. Thanks for the reminder - and the birds thank you too!