Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And Lucy turns four

Lucy had a "rainbow tea party". It was pretty darn
cute! All the little girls were so well

Miss Manners (really Aunt Becca) in the pretty
blue dress was teaching the girls
about manners at tea parties.
Mom passing out napkins to put on their laps.
Colorful ribbons on the chairs.....

Cousins celebrating~

Getting ready to do the ribbon dance~

I got to make the rainbow cake, super fun! It only tipped
over once on the way to their house and
was easy to fix up.


  1. Ahh, wish we were there. Looks like an absolutely adorable party. :)

  2. So fun! The handwriting font for your post makes "darn cute" look like "dam cute". :o)

  3. How fun! My GOSH what A big cake!

  4. Oh the way I first saw with him looking at it it look huge

  5. Happy Birthday sweet little Lucy. You and your cousin look so pretty in your party dresses