Saturday, July 21, 2012

post trek

Isn't this the most beautiful picture. We see all those old fashioned pictures of our ancestors , and think they look so cool and here they are re enacted by our kids! This was our granddaughter Rachels "family" she was assigned to on trek. They pushed and pulled together, supported each other in the hard times and became friends, just like the real pioneers. Rachel's in the front middle without the hat. I'm SO proud of her.

Another beautiful picture.

This is our granddaughter Autumn's family. She's the cute girl in the orange apron. Autumn is only twelve and her mom said she just was such a trooper. She loved her family. Go Autumn!

 My manly man brought home three grandchildren with him after trek so we've been hanging out all week doing stuff like, campfires, archery, swimming at the river, playing with cousins. Yesterday I met my daughter Sarah to exchange kids halfway. It was good to spend alittle time with her. She's so busy being a good mom and person we don't get alot of time together. We were talking about how grateful moms are for opportunities that are presented for our children to grow and experience things that will make them better people. Trek gave these kids (most who had never experienced "hard" things ) to see what kind of people they really are. Sarah was telling me about a handcart group that went the wrong way and got stuck in some gully or something. They asked for two boys out of each family to help rescue them. She said tons of boys literally jumped up and ran to help.They got to be men, brave, helpful men. I just can't go on enough about the love I have for the church that provides these wonderful uplifting experiences for our children. I'm so thank ful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Here's my sweet daughter Sarah...what a trooper. She spent alot of trek helping a young man that wouldn't have finished trek without her.
Everyone but her kinda wrote him off because of his bad attitude , she spent everyday encouraging him and helping him find the strength to get through another day. And he did make it!

I'm encouraged by these wonderful people. Some days it'd be so easy to give up , brave people give me the courage to go on.


  1. I love the pictures Linda. You have a fantastic family.

  2. Such neat pictures!!how good for the kids to experience those thing and I am sure they had lots of fun..... and a wonderful blog Linda

  3. Great pictures and a fascinating post. I really enjoyed reading about it.

  4. What a wonderful experience for young people! It just had to be character-building.

  5. It's the kids who hang around street corners (thinking they're cool) that I worry about. These children will all become 'doers'. Well done to them all.

  6. mixed feelings about those pictures of me. :) I'm so glad to be home and clean...