Sunday, September 2, 2012

downtown portland

My last day with Lance and Luna we decided to
ride the "max" and go to downtown
Portland and "hangout".
It was my first experience on the max and I was duly impressed
with the efficiency  of it. (reminded me alittle
of Europe). Why oh why couldn't Seattle have come
up with the same years ago, instead of spending millions of
dollars trying to figure out a plan and still don't have
anything! sorry just bugs me so!
I like Portland. We did lots of walking since I
really didn't know where anything
was. And then we rode the street cars and
found out where all kinds of things were. (for future

Statue sitting

Loved their drinking fountains!

I love children!

This county courthouse was built in the early 1800's and
was one of the most important buildings in the pacific northwest
for years. We took a self guided tour real quick (it was closing in 20 mins.)
The interior is covered  with  most beautiful wood , and full of
pictures and info. of the history of the building. (It was renovated in 1994)
We climbed up to the
top room. (grandma was puffing!)

Luna was fake sleeping on the way home.....we were all tired!


  1. Cozy real sleeps on the way home from days like that. Looks like a fun way to spend the day! You are such a brave explorer.

  2. We love Portland too! Beautiful city to walk around especially in the late summer and early fall before the rain starts back:-D

  3. I'm amazed by the lack of traffic... had that been in Europe it would be stuffed with wretched cars. Someone's doing something right. Lucky city!

  4. I hate to rain on your parade, but the max has kind of cost Portland all sorts of money that they don't have. :) The only difference between us and Seattle is that we are good at quickly starting projects that we can't afford.

  5. Hi there! Great post. Really like that first image of downtown Portland. I was wondering if I might have permission to use it? It's absolutely perfect for the website I'm making for a Portland business. I would crop the kids out and just use the street and trees, as well as crediting the image to you and your blog. Would that be alright? Thanks so much for your consideration!