Saturday, February 9, 2013

dreaming of clothesline time

 hmmmm the smell of line dried clothes....there's nothing like it...

I was very grumpy last summer about having NO clothesline.

so my manly man and I have already been out
and staked out my new clothesline.

It'll be here soon! .......spring!


  1. I so wish we could have one here! I have great memories hanging clothes with my grandmother and mother. It does make your clothes smell wonderful, XOXO

  2. You've made me think. Never having known anything other that outdoor, sun dried, clothes, I'd really never given it a thought.

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  4. And some sunshine and light breeze to go with it - I hate having to dry the clothes inside.

  5. I'm sorry Susan that you don't have the option.I to have fond memories hanging out clothes with my mom.

    What do you do in the winter cro? I like that about Europe cloths hanging out windows.,.I appreciate my dryer but would much rather hang them out.

    Oh I can't wait for that sunshine molly!