Sunday, April 21, 2013

busy bees...

We've been busy as bee's around here the last couple
birthday's, bee week, grandchildren's
been lovely!
A few days to catch up and then I'm leaving for
Disneyland......a perfect place to
celebrate my 60th birthday!
I'll be traveling with my daughter and her brood , and Abbey and
Natalie. I had just called my son in law to see if Natalie could go with
us and he had said yes. So my daughter and I were
talking details and Natalie came up to me and
asked if I were going to Disneyland. I told her yes. She then asked
if she could go and I  calmly told her yes.
She yelled "REALLY" and I said yes." It's always been my dream"
she said.(all six years of her).
That was the funnest (I know theres no such word mom) thing
I've ever say yes to a little girl asking to go to
Now please bare with me, I'm four birthday spotlights behind.

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  1. How wonderful that you will be able to spend your birthday with many of your family members in Disneyland. Happy Birthday and have fun.