Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cozy Darling

Cozette Darling Romero
was welcomed into
her family on
April 14, 2009
with open arms!
And she was a darling little one! She had a head of dark long
hair and beautiful blue eyes.

Cozy is 4! She's a sassy, hilarious little girl! Sweet as can bee , I love
spending time with her!

Cozy's mom helped her fill out her birthday spotlight
you'll love her answers
and see why she's such a special girl.
This is one of my favorite pictures.....isn't she the most darling
flower elf ever!
Cozy said that the character in a book that best describes her is a
If Cozy cooked for me she would make cupcakes! She does love cupcakes!
If she was granted three wishes she would ask for a pony, a teddy bear and a pink car. (love that)
Out of all her friends Cozy thinks I'd like Bella the most.(preschool friend)
Her Ideal allowance would be "Alot! "
And she'd buy a car with it.
Her hero is her mom(because I love you)
Three words to describe her are, cute, smart and high maintinence.
Her best compliment she ever got was "I love you."
If you could go to any country it would be to "grandma's" (Oh, ..sweet)
Her favorite cartoon character is June from little Einsteins.
Five best things about Cozy are....my name...my pretty hair....I'm nice....and I'm cuddly.
And if she were an animal she would be a kitty.
Writing this is making me miss you Cozy, we can't wait to see you
in June!



Here's our Cozy all grown up going to pre-school!

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