Tuesday, May 7, 2013

home again home again jiggity jig

Home from a lively trip to Disneyland. Love Disneyland but was
glad to see California out my back window.
So good to be home in the green, beautiful Pacific Northwest!
I came home to lovely weather. Spent the day yesterday
doing a little weeding and watching my manly man work on my
clothesline. It was a nice laid back day.
Darling kittens had grown in the week I was gone
their running all over (poor mommy)
and playing now.

Pretty cute......

You have a few weeks to figure out which one
you want!
Spending some time catching up on my birthday blogs today,
they just keep on coming!


  1. My grandson is coming here in June and asked if we are going to Disneyland...hmmmmm! Happy Mother's Day, dear friend. I know this is tough for you too, XOXO

  2. How could I chose just one, they are so gorgeous!

  3. Cute! I want the one that doesn't claw you to wake you up. Do you have one like that? (Naughty Matt!)