Sunday, July 28, 2013

love Sundays

(my primary class at church)
I love going to church! It's where I know I should be
and where I want to be.
I'm so blessed to feel this way and I know it's because of
my love for my Savior. which I'm also so grateful
God, knows there will be bad days, trials, and illness for
all of us . Being a concerned father for us
he knows the Sabbath can lift our spirits,
give us the strength and desire to be and do better and......
we might be that person that helps
lift anothers burden.
I teach the six and seven year olds in primary (or sunday school)
Each week I prepare a lesson from a wonderful
manuel, and try to come up with creative ways to get the
lesson into those wonderful little
minds. Their bodies have such a hard time holding
still(I have two really active ones that could light up our town
with electricity if they each had a bike connected).
Their SO sweet , it's just capturing their attention for seconds
at a time! But, I love it and have taught off and on in the primary since
I was 16.
I also love taking a nice Sunday nap! There the best!
As a young mother I loved sitting in church with my children during
our sacrament meeting. Teen agers putting their heads
on your shoulder, 10 year olds that are
to busy to cuddle anymore sitting
by your side.
Anyway, I'm so thank-ful for the commandment in
the bible that tells
us to "Keep the Sabbath Day Holy".
Another way God shows
us his love,
he wants
us to be
I love the Sabbath Day!

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  1. Your Sundays sound like a lovely combination of fulfillment, rest and relaxation.