Monday, July 22, 2013

what makes a great cousin camp......

  1. we left with the same amount of children we came with
  2. everyone got along so well
  3. the food was awesome
  4. no broken bones just lots of scrapes
  5. it only rained once and it was at night
  6. some caught fish!
  7. lots and lots of laughing
  8. beautiful scenery
  9. lots of talent shared
what really makes a wonderful cousin camp.....GREAT KIDS!
All of  our little monkeys!
Lots of hulaing going on
Beach combing
Grandpa time
Craft time.....
ukulele playing....
Grandma Cozy and beautiful daughter Sarah
(grandma came just for the luau)
And I could go on forever with pictures!
But, will close with this beautiful sunset
Feeling so blessed to have all these sweet
people in my life......lucky me.


  1. Wonderful memories for them all. We have just 4 cousins arriving (2 plus 2), but I'm sure it'll be just as much fun (fingers crossed).

  2. You certainly have your priorities right! The kids are the centre of cousin camp!

  3. I love #1 - that you didn't lose any! ;) That was probably a bigger possibility than we like to think about, considering the number of cousins!