Thursday, August 22, 2013

fall in the air?

We had such a nice visit with Lia and the children this summer. Lia say's
she wants them to remember how beautiful it is back
here!She wanted that bad enough to drive cross country with her six little holligans, what a sport!  Little Cozy and I became friends, she's so fun to have
around and such alittle chatter box and says the cutest things!
Kids and lego's
It was hard to see them go but for sure I'll see
them when the new baby comes next May!
Yes this is an announcement!
We've had the greatest garden this year, best in years!
Our poor neighbors probley dread
seeing us come! We certainly
Can't eat it all!
Lots of pickles!
The fair started today, we'll be going tomorrow with the
three little Tunnells. James and Beth are moving
tomorrow so we get the kids for the


  1. We have also had a great growing season and my friends, relatives, and the food pantry that I work at have benefited from it. It is a wonderful feeling to share your harvest.

    It sounds like you had a houseful of children at your house this summer. I know that it made your summer days extra special, Linda.

  2. Our little lot have now all gone too... isn't it quiet without them!

    I shall start my preserving this afternoon. Ratatouille, and Aubergines in Tomato sauce.

  3. You have a lovely family, Linda and another new little arrival expected in May - how wonderful. My garden is rapidly turning into a wilderness. It's a job and and a half keeping top sides with it, but we've had loads of produce too