Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our link with Germany

Linda and Gerrit
Twenty years ago (seriously?!) our oldest daughter Annalia
was a junior in High School and decided she wanted
to be an exchange student to Germany.
We told her we wouldn't be able to help and so began
her quest to find a scholarship to help her reach her goal.
She worked so hard and was one of a small group in the
U.S. to receive one of these scholarships. We
were so proud of her.
She left us in July for an exciting adventure and eventually
arrived in Germany , staying with the Aust family.
At the time they had a ten year old boy and two older boys
closer to Lia's age. forward eight years.....Lia was visiting , standing in our dining room when a phone call from Germany came. It was the
Aust family asking if we would now consider being a host family to their now eighteen year old son.
Our youngest son was the same age and was excited at the thought
of having a "brother".  So Gerrit arrives and becomes a
member of our family for a year.
Linda and Linda
We've seen and heard from him over the years and
were delighted a few weeks ago when
he arrived with his lovely girlfriend Linda.
It was nice to meet her and were still wondering how he
got such a nice girl to be interested in him.(just kidding
Yesterday we saw them off to Portland to see our daughter Rachel
and go to a very important soccer game.
So they left with a promise from us to visit them after they've
had their first child!


  1. Linda, I loved that story. Hope they enjoyed the soccer game and visiting your daughter in Portland of course. Gerrit must be a tall young man. How nice to meet his girlfriend as well. And your last photo - two lovely Lindas together.

  2. How wonderful that the ties you made years ago remain.

  3. My oldest son is married to a German girl. Enjoy their visit.

  4. My oldest son is married to a German girl. Enjoy their visit.

  5. Not quite right, I was only 16 when I was an exchange-student with you guys ;-)

    Linda sends greetings, too!