Monday, November 25, 2013


I'm so thankful for the beautiful community
we live in. I love the little
town of Snohomish (Indian name) .
I think I love it alittle like a person. If I've been gone or stuck
in the house for a few days I miss it and have to
spend alittle time driving around to
say hello, I've missed you.


  1. yes it is indeed a beautiful place to live.

  2. Love the name and the mountains are breathtaking.

  3. I miss Washington, but I'm thankful to be closer to our family and especially our grands! Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend, XOXO

  4. Our only child went to Western Washington University, all her classmates came from Snohomish Washington..She was in many weddings in the summer in small towns, oh, my it is lovely..We live at the butt end of the state in Vancouver, we don't have the majestic mountains, but on a clear day one can see Mt. St. Helens what is left of it, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood and for miles and miles it is heaven, it is something else the beautiful pacific northwest even though we grump on a bit with almost 200 days of rain a year, the summers and falls are spectacular..Happy Hanukkah, the first day of Thanksgiving, one in a blue moon it happens, we serve turkey early then light candles and feast on neat donuts that night..Happy Happy to you love your blog..ciao !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. thank you anonymous for your sweet sharing!

  6. It is bitter cold here in Vancouver Washington in the single digits, coldest it has been since 1972..No one is getting out at all, I walk each day for my type 2 diabetes and no matter what it is always interesting when it snows and ice..I like to look at the holiday lights and imagine the families in the homes, all cozey, it is not rural like it was when we came in 1978..We wanted to live in a burb of seattle and I could not find employment with a tiny baby almost 1 years old I am happy we stayed here as now the home we were to buy sells for about $390,000 plus can you imagine it was only $39,000.00 and lovely Spanish stucco, gas and near a elementary school, busline, grocery, it is heavily populated now, we are not like that, I love where you live, when we travel north we love to stop where you live and get home made foods not available in clark county, Happy Holidays, we had Hanukkah and we like to think everyday is a holiday living in the pacific northwest and with the people you love, ciao mjsX()