Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Countdown to a new year

We were saying to each other today that it's been such
a good year I'd feel ungrateful to ask for
a better 2014.
I've got lots of projects planned that'd I'd like to
accomplish. I told my manly man that tonight
and I could just hear him cringe.
He quietly asked, " Oh, and
what would that be, I
don't want you to overdue."
Poor guy hates change, even for the good!
I've been threatening for years to pull up the carpet and put down
wood floors in the living room and hall way.
I think that'll be my first project.
Manly Man spent the evening in the emergency room getting
a finger stitched up. He was preparing a package to send
at work and went crazy with the box knife.
So much for my dish washer for the
next couple weeks!
We hit our 40th wedding anniversary this year and have
talked about maybe a trip ???
We made a decision to keep the store another few years
and that's with our right hand man leaving
for Wyoming this summer. More hours
for Jim. 
So! Here's to a New Year!
Bless you all!


  1. Happy new year Linda, thanks for a great year of blogging. May 2014 bring you all good things xx

  2. Poor Dad! I hope his hand heals quickly. ....and before you make him start laying hardwood. ;)

  3. Happy New Year, Linda. I hope your husband's hand heals quickly - what a bother at a time when you have projects to complete :)