Wednesday, March 26, 2014

things are just duckie

Spring kinda snuck up on me this year!
Usually they're are months of
saying "I can't wait for spring"
and this year there was nothing, none of
All of a sudden it's the first day of Spring.
I tried to decide why....and I came up with
a few possibilities.......nothing worth
sharing though!
So, one of our big signs of Spring (besides
clean-up needing to be done!)is
we might be having baby ducklings in a couple
weeks! And were pretty excited
about that since were at just
two ducks. Which is probably enough
but I just love having ducks
waddling around the yard eating all our
slugs and snails, little quack quacks floating
in through the open windows.
 These nine eggs were laid by  Mon Cherie
Canard. (hubby named her) He's
learning French right now.
So far she's been a very diligent mom
which isn't always the case
with ducks. Her mate keeps a close
eye on her.
The electrical people were in the neighborhood
cutting down trees and my manly man
had them drop a pile of their mulch
on our side yard. John is king
of that pile!


  1. No mention of 'disasters', so I presume all is well with you and the family.

  2. yes all is well. The old adage "No news is good news" is correct! But, its very close just 30 miles away. We only knew of one person that was killed....that was enough!

  3. Linda, so relieved to read your blog. Mon Cherie Canard looks so cosy. How exciting to watch those little eggs wobble and new ducklings hatch in two weeks.