Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What would we do without libraries?

This was the library when we first moved to Snohomish. Part of it was over a hundred years old the rest was a new addition. We loved it like we've always loved every library where ever we lived. What a wonderful place a library is, I'd go as far to say their the finest institutions ever established. I remember our library up in Fairbanks. It was on the air force base and it was literally a hole in a basement. But, we were so grateful it was there! It was 35 miles into Fairbanks. I remember listening to records about composers with the children .Going to the library was always a happy outing for us, continued to be even when the children were older.
A wonderful tradition to have. I love to see my grandchildren love books, I just don't think there is a more wonderful thing to instill in a child then a love of reading. What's better then curling up with a good book? Let's not let technology take that from us.

Here's our new library built in 2003. Boy, did we feel special when we saw what a wonderful library they were building us. It is wonderful but I have to admit that the old library was alittle more personal. But, there's so much to love about this beautiful library.

Isn't it pretty?

And this fireplace is to die for! The tiling is just beautiful!

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