Saturday, January 14, 2017

snow snow snow

This is the view from our front porch on a cold, snowy day. Lucky us we moved back in time for the coldest, snowiest winter in decades! It is beautiful but, after a month of it, it's starting
to get alittle old.
We are blessed to have the nicest neighbor ever.
He has regularly plowed our drive after each snowfall, I don't know 
what we would have done without him, and thank-you never seems like enough. Any ideas?

This week the schools were all closed, it'll be late release this year.
Of course we've found plenty to do inside. This has been
Jim's first full week home in months and he's enjoying it to the fullest. The garage is looking great and things are being
organized. I feel no compulsion to ever finish unpacking,  my cabinets and closets are full so the rest can stay in the boxes.

After fighting for a month to keep the goats water filled and unfrozen, we found out about these heated
buckets and rushed out to buy one. What a relief. Buster's happy!

Something we've really been enjoying is getting to go to the temple more often. We try to go every Tuesday morning, grandma too. The temple's only 15 minutes away and it's just been wonderful.  I'm so thank-ful, to go into the House of the Lord and leave feeling like I've got my priorities straight, just such joy and peace. It's as good as a massage and therapy session!

This weather makes me want to knit, nothing creative , just a couple scarfs so far. Jim's been doing some felting with his sister. They've made a couple hat's and tonight they made
a darling pair of slippers. Felting is such an incredible process, whoever invented these things are amazing!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Where to begin, where to begin?

My sweet hubby challenged me to start writing on my blog again.
So.... here goes....

First, Happy New Year to all! We had a lovely Christmas, thanks to family, friends and the spirit of Christ. We've had a lot of "white" in our Christmas and it continues as we got 8 inches last night! Jim took the last of the grandchildren to the "meeting place" (half way) this morning and made it home safely! Back to our boring, quite life.(that's what we want the grandkids to think). 
We've been in our new house six months now. The move was horrendous, but we did it. We brought our 22 years of memories with us and left our sweet little house in Snohomish to come and live in the desert. It was "coming home" for both of us, though we never thought we'd ever come back. Were on a lovely three acres with two fenced in pastures, and a lovely home big enough for Grandma Cozy to have her own little place on the first level. A shop for Jim and a little shed for the goat. We brought some bees, the cat and have added another cat and dog. The people who sold us the house asked if we'd like their dog. He's an english setter and is 13 years old. Sweetest dog ever! He and Buster the goat have become good friends. Were only a few miles from town, have a nice walk by the river and with wonderful irrigation we even have a green yard. I like being able to see for miles again, the sky seems like a much better friend. I've worn my sun glasses more here than the last 22....which I like! We needed to dry out!
My sweet new kitty keeps me entertained and she and Miss Buzz Saw have called a truce. The children helped me pick out Peaches at the local animal shelter. We waited a few weeks for her to gain enough weight to be fixed, but, it was worth the wait.She is loved by all the children.
I started the "Pathway" program soon after we moved here and took a couple online classes. It took quite awhile to shake out all those cobwebs and get the old brain working again, but, I have loved it. This semester I'm doing Math and need to get myself some index cards to learn the higher multiplication tables. 12's,13's and 14's, that I never learned in school. It's really helped me use my time more wisely and I'm always thinking when I wake up..."what do I have to have turned in today?"
Jim's been commuting back and forth every week for a few days to the store in Snohomish. The new owners take over tomorrow and we'll have that off our backs. Jim's stayed with the kids when he's over there so that's been so nice for him, I know he'll miss that. He will owe them some time helping them with the running of the store but, it'll be alot of stress off him. He'll teach a beginning bee keeping class starting next week for six weeks every Saturday. 
I'm enjoying the change and I think feel better since we've been here, physically and mentally.......which is always good, right!

Friday, November 27, 2015


The best thing and the saddest thing this
year was that I didn't
help with the
Fortunately we have alot of awesome
cooks in our family! 
It was kinda fun being waited on, a taste for the
years to come.

I'm the one with the new blue cast!
I've had purple, black and now blue.

Hungry kiddo's

I had lots of company in bed!
How I love all these sweet

Lucy was playing for her cousin Lilly
when we woke up one morning.
And she's doing
a great 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

So let's get sewing!

We had grandchildren for the 
Even though I'm not functioning at my normal
Jim took the day off Saturday to help
and have some time with

My sewing machine was down stairs for me
and I got the kids machine running
so Rachel and Abby  and Natalie took turns sewing most of the day.
They came up with all kinds of things, headbands,fanny packs, blankets, and
They even put zippers in.......all this on their
It was so awesome watching them and too see the confidence they had in themselves.
It's so important that children
learn that they really
can do anything if they just try.
There's a reason our kids always said, "Oh my mom 
can make that or my dad can make that. Actually they probably said that because
we always said to them
"oh I can make that!"

It was fun just hanging out on a rainy day together.

8 yr. old Natalie

Maddy had gone to the store to clean and when Grandpa brought her 
home the others were sewn out  so she made
a circle skirt from a pattern from
on line. Talented little buggers!