Friday, April 4, 2014

duck tape!?

The last couple weeks have been so it
spring ? Or lots of family time ?  Or being
crafty! I'm not sure but I'm feeling very
Some of the things I've been up to..........
Last week-end we all converged on the
Tunnell's in Ellensburg for Britton's
baptism and attended the General
Womens Conference. Both
were so uplifting and sweet.
This isn't everyone ..but pretty close!
Even though we've been empty
nesters for years, I feel so content when our
children are around us.
Here's our 8 yr. old that was baptized.
Britton is an incredible girl, so
full of spirit. Sometimes you feel like your
talking to a 20 year old and then
she throws an 8 year old fit
and takes us back to reality!
But, I love talking to her and just being
with her, she's so sweet.
A few weeks ago the Sister missionaries taught me how to make these darling
scripture cases out of duck tape! I've seen
all that duct tape in the stores but couldn't ever think
of what to do with it. So, my first was for
Britton for her baptism.
Then I made them for my primary children
at church.
You can put pictures on them or not. I let the kids
at church decorate them themselves and
then you put clear packing tape over
Here's Conner  Natalie and I talking about the picture of
Jesus on his super hero case.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

things are just duckie

Spring kinda snuck up on me this year!
Usually they're are months of
saying "I can't wait for spring"
and this year there was nothing, none of
All of a sudden it's the first day of Spring.
I tried to decide why....and I came up with
a few possibilities.......nothing worth
sharing though!
So, one of our big signs of Spring (besides
clean-up needing to be done!)is
we might be having baby ducklings in a couple
weeks! And were pretty excited
about that since were at just
two ducks. Which is probably enough
but I just love having ducks
waddling around the yard eating all our
slugs and snails, little quack quacks floating
in through the open windows.
 These nine eggs were laid by  Mon Cherie
Canard. (hubby named her) He's
learning French right now.
So far she's been a very diligent mom
which isn't always the case
with ducks. Her mate keeps a close
eye on her.
The electrical people were in the neighborhood
cutting down trees and my manly man
had them drop a pile of their mulch
on our side yard. John is king
of that pile!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sun glorious sun!

I'm happy for anyone that's had
beautiful sunny day's
like we've had
this week! It's just what we
needed. I even hung clothes on the
That always makes me happy.
Pretty little corner of our garden
My little "cold" has finally decided to
leave me alone, am feeling better
this week. Passed it off to my hubby
but he slept his off in four days, he's always
been that way.
I am grateful for the time I had to work on
genealogy, found some really
cool things. After working on one of my
gggrandmother's for years and years I found her
death record. Sadly it verified what
various family members said....that she
was in an insane asylum. But, who knew it was for thirty years! Poor dear!
This was her home til she died in 1946.
Then! I found out the person that provided the information on her death certificate was
her brother! Never heard of before this!
And all this information I found
sitting in bed on my laptop! Isn't technology
and here's her brother Charles L. Blocher and his wife.
Amazing isn't it!
We had alittle sad news this week. A dear dear friend of ours has lung cancer. Our
heart just breaks for them. Having been
through cancer twice now it hurts even more because you know the pain everyone will suffer.
I just hate it!
But, I know none of us get out of here without
our crosses to bear. It's how we bare them
that counts.
I'm always so touched by the way people bare their burdens, their such an incredible
example to me of courage. And I need that, I'm kinda a complainer.
I love this quote from Thomas S. Monson

"If your not happy with your lot in life,
then build a service station
on it. "

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Well, I've kinda been hanging
around this week
doing lots of sneezing and
Still worked alittle on my new
project, lots  of tearing carpet
out and lots and lots
and did I say
there were lots of staples to pull out!
My Manly Man brought putty
home so I can start on the holes.
I work for alittle and then
jump back in bed for a
few hours.
I'm a driven woman!
Seriously I haven't felt this ambitious for years!
I'm looking at this as a good thing.

Oh! I've been wanting to tell you about this wonderful convention I went to in Salt Lake City Utah a few weeks ago. I rode along with
my daughter Sarah , her two crazy teen-age and  almost teen-age daughters and two of their friends.
It was "RootsTech" a geneology

We had a great time and came away
inspired and motivated.
While we were there I suddenly had a desire to contact my biological father who lives in Salt Lake. He left our family when I was three and I met him for the first time when I was 35.
We haven't been in contact for many years (20?).
I combed through the internet for addresses and phone numbers. I even called my sister and brother to see if they had heard from
him lately. We tracked down a couple
addresses but to no avail.
In the mean time I ordered two of his books off the internet . One has a lot of pictures of him
in it , one of him and Robert Redford
with a bear.(long story) Basically it's
what he was doing all those years
he should have been being our
father. The books are "Don't Kick a Bear
With Your Slippers On", and "Life on the
Edge" by Dick Robinson.As far as I know
he's still alive, we couldn't find any death
records(he's 90). I have a feeling
he might be in the VA old folks home.
Of course they wouldn't give us any
I've got a few leads to follow up on(other wives and children). Interesting, huh?