Sunday, May 24, 2015


Since we don't have church til 1:00 P.M. this year we have the mornings to prepare lessons, listen
to uplifting messages, and as
I'm doing this morning, reflect on the blessings
of life.
Jim asked me last night,( as we were cuddling on the couch watching old war movies) what was
the most wonderful thing about my life.
(Besides him of course) I said, "My children".
He nodded and said the same.
I love my children so much. They are great
people, helpful, loving, growing, believing, generous,funny, kind, hardworking . They try to be the best parents possible, way better
then us. I just adore and admire them all.
Their so good to us and make
us feel  so loved. I'm just
so thank-ful for our family and I know its "all" about families!

A blast from the past! Since James just turned
thirty this was probley 25 years ago!

My babies!

My sweetie!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Going Forward

I talked to my sister today.I love her so
much and am so proud of her.
Her sweet husband died in December.
We've always loved each other
But, this event in her life has brought us
back into each others lives.
Were both grateful for that.

Right after Pat died I spent a week with Liz.
We talked alot . It was actually quite healing for me as I shared with her
what I went through after the death's of my children.
What to expect of yourself and others
and what not
to expect of yourself and others.

My experiences were finally helping
I was so thank-ful to be able
to do that for her.
She goes forward without her husband.
I'm so proud of her, because I 
know how hard it is.

I'm grateful for all the examples of people all around us, going on each day
making that choice to go
forward, be kind, in all sorts of adversity.

The human spirit is awesome!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My New Life

I wanted to share this inspiring video . Ni-Ni is one of my favorite blogs. Her experiences and challenges help me go forward.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

drama in Rockville

Our granddaughter Sofia (15) drew this picture of Jim and I .Isn't 
it adorable! She made us look so cute and drew her favorite
parts of our yard around the borders.

you can find all kinds of drama in Rockville most of it the good kind, like why I came to 
Maryland to visit! 
I missed Annika's little drama by a few days
she was in a play called "Coffee House".
I heard she did an awesome job and had an awesome hat.
This next week-end Sofia, Annika and Jon will all perform on stage, drama of the best kind.
I usually miss most of the Romero's performances because of our distance
away from each other so I've enjoyed seeing
some of their many talents.
I got to watch Cozy dance in her hip hop class
which was a hoot!
Last night we attended a community rendition of "Swan Lake" with three
of their friends in it.
What talent! 
I'm always amazed at how my amazing daughters
juggle their awesome families
in this fast pace world.
The children are all involved in such wonderful pursuits but yet take time for the
most important things.
Tommy is ten months old now, exploring everything he can open. I love to see
his face light up when he see's his 16 year old brother Anthony. He knows he's going to
get a shoulder ride or run as it
usually turns out. All the children fight over
As usual I am humbled with love for my sweet grandchildren and so thank-ful
I got to visit.
Lia and I hope to get some painting done this next week, samples are already on the wall.
Different shades of gray.

The words "Hold them close" keep coming to 
my mind lately. We had alittle scare with the
"C" word last month. Our daughter Sarah had a mole removed that was diagnosed melanoma. After a few scary days we found
all was well, it wasn't even stage one yet.
Hold them close!