Thursday, November 10, 2011

oh honey you shouldn't have

chop, chop, chop were the sounds I woke up too yesterday. I've
been hearing those sounds alot these last few weeks
as my manly man has made hot sauce and salsa galore.
But..............this morning
it was different.
I woke up to a
beautiful bowl of favorite salad.

The combination of the bulgar, parsley, cucumber and
tomatoes just tickles my palet. My
favorite part this time of
the year are the pomegranate seeds, they
add such color and flavor.(I really shouldn't be
eating it but I chewed extra well ummm)

Oooops a jar of grape juice just broke, manly man is right back.

O.K. that's cleaned up and I'm heading out for a long
overdue walk. It's a lovely day, blue skies and sun.


  1. Hi, What a brilliant idea! I love tabbouleh - never thought of the pomegranate seed addition though. I must try that.

    I hope you enjoyed your walk.

  2. Looks wonderful. Pomegranate seeds always get stuck in my teeth, so I am not a real fan of them. I am not sure my messed-up stomach could take it either. However, they probably add that special someting to the salad.

  3. Again, I love tabbouleh. Here in France it tends to be made slightly differently. We use Couscous, chopped red onion, chopped tomatoes, chopped mint, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt-n-pepper.

  4. A man who cooks. It wouldn't matter to me if it was just a peanut butter sandwich, it would seem a miracle. Feeling better these days?

  5. we also use the lemon juice and olive oil cro and red onion... he's made it with the mint but I like it better far away but so much alike!
    he's been cooking alot more since my surgery, I think he's realized that's the only way he's going to eat anything besides peanut butter sandwich's~ my heart went pitter patter last week when he cleaned out the frig and said "since I'm going to be doing the cooking I need to know what we have" (a first in 38 yrs.)(cleaning the frig)
    I am feeling better just can't do much without hurting. nature of the surgery. thanks so much for asking. love you all

  6. Good to hear you're a little better.... only time will heal. Bisou, Cro.

  7. Lots going on at your place - I can see that I'm going to have to go back and read some older posts!

  8. A man that does that stuff...I could only dream! you are lucky.Salad does look really good! take care Penny

  9. MOM blog that recipe! i think it's time i try it