Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Party

My first day home and I was invited to a valentine party, and with my favorite people.My daughters are so fun and clever . It was so good to see the kids, I always miss them,all of them, where ever I am, where ever they are. Being a grandmother is so incredibly magic, really truely magic. It dosn't matter what you look like, what kind of a house you live in, but, just because your name is grandma they love you. Its marvelous, just marvelous. I remember as a teen-ager holding a baby in church, who of course wanted its mommy right away , thinking, " someday I'll have my own baby that will want just me." And I never got tired of it, I was so happy I could calm that baby down with just my voice and soothing words.

My manly man just brought me up a bowl of the best chocolate icecream (moosetracks) ummmmm, I want more......... nite, nite all

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