Thursday, October 1, 2009

England here we come!

Can't see one of these without thinking of "The Waking of Ned Devine" a must see youngest daughter Rachel and I are going to England for a week at the end of Oct. Tonight were having a planning party at her place. So much to see and so little time!

Here are my top three things I want to see:
~ quaint little villages
~Portobello Road flea market(Notting Hill)(Bed Knobs and Broomsticks)
~Pride and Prejudice stuff
~Oh, how could I forget...castles

Its fun to have something to look forward to and I love all the
planning and reading. Jim said I'd make a great travel agent.Thanks for the compliment honey!
So, I'll let you know tomorrow some of the things we decide.

Train or Car??

Tent or hostel?? (tight budget!)

build rock walls or just go see everything we want to??


  1. tent or hostel? ever considered couchsurfing?

  2. Thanks for the idea! You coming?

  3. The couch surfing is growing on me....MOM i want to go to the castle you posted!

  4. If I am not completely mistaken, that castle is Bodiam castle... I went there in 1998, I think.

  5. I see it is the end of October you are coming to UK! Well do check out Whitby as this is home of Dracula! Also York Minster isn't far from us too. Yorkshire is definately worth a visit, if you have time.