Sunday, November 29, 2009


My mother and "her" chickies

My Grandma Joye holding my mother(my middle name is Joye)

My two great grandfathers holding up my mom. She was the first grandchild on both sides. This picture reminds me of the Lion King!

This is my ba-ba and greatgrandfather reading in their living room. I love this picture.I guess it really irritated my grandma that her husband read "Ranch Romances", a fun little fact.

When my grandpa Israel died they kinda closed down the town. He was very well liked.

Ba-Ba graduated from Ellensburg normal school and went on to teach in a one room school house. This is a picture in her little photo albumn from college along with pictures of teachers, friends and family.

family on the 4th of July...looks like their really celebrating.

I adore this picture of my grandma Joye and her brothers .

This is my gggrandmother, along with her father and sister in front of the house she grew up in , in Ill. before they came west.

Last week when I was in Eastern Washington I was intrusted with a beautiful stack of old pictures and albums. Thanks, Penny. I'd like to get them (eventually)on a disc that can be shared with everyone. Being a lover of all things old, there's so many questions going through my head as I look at each picture, thrilled that I can look into their lives just alittle bit, these people that I'm descended from.
Hope you enjoyed these lovely pictures.


  1. My favorite is the one with your grandparents reading! It looks like an avertisement picture. They were adorable.

  2. love them all! REALLY love the forth of july celebration