Saturday, December 12, 2009

Everytime I go and spend some time with the girls and their new babies, I kinda wish I could stay and be their full time nanny,cook and housecleaner. I just remember how hard it was when all mine were little and how much I would have loved some help.But...would I really?? My girls do a great job without me, you know that mother thing in us that just wants to make life easier for them in any way we can.I remember a year after we moved to Texas we went to our first FBI get together at some beautiful home of someone.I had just had my sixth child James who was only a month old.Oh, I didn't want to go, I was still fat and didn't have anything to wear(that I could nurse in) and no money to buy anything.Wanting to support Jim I went and suffered through(trying to act like I liked it of course). I had gone off to nurse in some empty room and the lady who's house it was stopped for a minute to talk.After finding out it was our 6th she said,"Oh, so you have help, right?"
Did she not hear that we'd only be with the FBI a year? Jim and I got a laugh out of that!
Well, its nice to have a day at home and now I just need someone to give me a kick in the pants to get something done! Have a nice week-end friends.

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  1. I love your stories Linda! You always make me smile.