Thursday, February 4, 2010

a day on the town

The girls slept most of the way into Seattle (were 45miles north)

Pictures of our booth.We have a prime spot, that we pay alittle extra for, but, its well worth it. Our volunteer today was actually "the bee man".I knew he often came into the store but, I'd never met him.In an earlier post about our store, he's the man with the bees all over him. The store was that he was trying to get a swarm of bees and the queen landed on him, the hive following close behind.(bees are very docile when their swarming) He walked over to his neighbor and said "Hey, Herb I caught another swarm of bees". Herb took the picture, that landed him on the cover of a bee magazine.

Sofia and I took off after looking around the show, went to lunch at a wonderful Brazilian place that comes around with mouth watering meat on a squeer (sp?)ever few minutes.I ate my meat for the month! Pudget Sound was in the background, much prettier then my picture, and again we were blessed with a beautiful day.(aka no rain)

Spent sometime at Pike's Market, it's always fun, Sofi ewed and awed at everything!I told her she could buy one thing and she finally decided on a stuffed dragon.

There was a butterfly tent for the children(adults snuck in)Sofia got up close and personal with them!

My camera isn't the greatest(perfect for me though) so it was useless to take pictures of the huge displays. So, I took pictures of my favorite things. Hope you like them too.
It was a fun day, hope your was too!

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  1. such NEAT pictures!!!!! what a fun day! I am sure the girls LOVED it! Penny