Tuesday, February 2, 2010

flower and garden show

This is THE week of the Flower and Garden show, in Seattle at the Convention Center. We've had a booth for three years now, and every year say were not going to do it again, and every year do! Jim set up the booth yesterday(without me)and I'm just itching to go down and make sure it looks alright, but, its not working out for me to go. How can you trust someone who's taste is all in his mouth? (he says that about him self and he's right!) Our booth is totally about Mason bees. We sell mason bee houses, dvd's, blocks and cocoons, and we do really well, since, everyones looking for pollinators this time of year. So, this morning I'm headed two hrs. out of Seattle to meet my daughter and pick up my granddaughter Rachel, who was our cashier last year, she did a great job! Besides her,my manly man and daughter Rachel, we have volunteers for all the shifts, twelve hrs. aday. My main job is babysitter, which I'm happy to do! I do want to get down one day, its such an awesome show! I'll post some pictures later in the week.

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  1. I'd love to watch the kids for you one day so that you can go to the show. Just give me a day!