Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is what I'm doing to day(suppose to be doing). Am I the only one who waits til the last moment to do things? Were leaving tomarrow evening...and it's not that I don't want to do it......? Are we all procrastinators at heart?

Grandpa put Lance's training wheels on yesterday, he was very happy. They stayed out til his cheeks were red as can be, but , he said "I not cold". brrrrrr

I stole this picture from my daughters blog, mother of six girls. This is our sweet Lily and she's got on the sweater that Sarah just finished for her. And as her mom says "isn't it stinken cute!"

This is little Cozette playing with the tolit paper she worked so hard to get out of the bathroom! Don't you just love her hair! She's only nine months old and walking!


  1. 6 girls...6 wow...i have trouble with 3 kids. my hat is off to her and she knits!!

  2. Hi Linda - I visited your blog after seeing a comment you made, thanking someone for visiting. I thought 'I have to see who this very polite person is' Imagine my surprise and pleasure to see that the polite person is another Pacific Northwester. I'll be back!