Saturday, April 17, 2010

houston the bees have landed

Here they are in their glory! My Manly Man got home about 2a.m. slept five hours and at 7 he and I started unloading the said bees.
He would unload them onto a wagon and I'd take them to the drive way to start vacuuming, then we loaded the van and took them down to the store where people were patiently waiting to pick them up.Grandma didn't disappoint us and came out ready to do her share of vacuuming. "Help Grandma's here" they yelled.Here's our little hitchhikers that are vaccumed up into a specially built vacuum , then later they are hived.It was getting quite warm so we tried to get some of them into the shade. I was trying to show how the bee's  were flying everywhere but, alas my camera didn't pick it up. One year it was so hot that all of a sudden there was my manly man with the hose spraying them down with water! I was shocked, but, figured he knew what he was doing.Our little Rachel handling the cash register,the line didn't stop till 9:00 p.m.!I wanted to be more involved this year and I was! Jim and I were both hobbling at the end of the day,  aches that only a hot bath and drugs could help. But, I'll tell you the worst thing about the day. It wasn't the five bee stings that I got, or the pole that I backed into, or the car I clipped (never drove that big of a van), was all the garage sale signs I had to drive by and couldn't stop at!!

So, for me bee week is over!


  1. What an absolutely FABULOUS experience. I'd loved to have been there. I could have helped Grandma with the vacuuming! Can I come next year?

    Bisou, Cro.

  2. yes you can come! Don't disappoint me!

  3. ...sounds like crazy fun! ....AND SPEAKING OF CRAZY FUN...I'm off for b-day party #2.

  4. What a fascinating account of your bee arrival. Lovely posts.
    Thank you for joining me in France, it is good to meet new friends! I shall be back to read more of the bee adventures!