Friday, October 1, 2010

I love shutters!

In my own cheap way I've added shutters
around the house. The ones in my bedroom
were doors on the closet that kept falling off
so I painted them and added them to my window.
(I made my bed just for this picture!)

I got these from a garage sale , painted them and
now there in my kitchen window!

These on all of my front windows were
given to me by a friend who was replacing
all her closet doors. Of course I painted them
and installed them myself!

More I got at a garage sale and
installed at the end of my bar after
I added some molding. The kids love
to open and shut them.

My Manly Man always gets this "look" on
his face whenever I mention a DIY project,
which I just love. Even if I don't expect
his help he gets the "look". I was impressed
though , when yesterday I told him that on
Monday....his day off...we were going to
clean the laundry room , take the wallpaper
down, plaster a wall, ect.....he didn't even
blink an eye and just said "yes". I think
he thinks he's lucky we've put it off this long.
And I'd NEVER post a picture of it!

when were through!

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