Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm loving this wordless Wed. thing! It gives me a chance to share some of my sweetest photos and it's a no brainer. But, can I tell you how hard it is for me not to write even one word! A good exercise in restraint.

Tonight we go home to a busy but yet wonderful week-end. My dear friend of 16 yrs. (and now neighbor) and  future in law (Rachels marrying her son this summer) is getting baptised along with her 10yr. old Cassy and 13 yr. old Brandon. So, I'm going to be sewing a baptism dress tomorrow for Cassy.An act of pure love (s ince I hate sewing in my old age). It'll be a joyous occasion.

It's been a fun week. The older girls got invitations made for a valentine's day party were having next week.Their very excited. Were going to make decorations for a chemo room at the UofW ,make cards and eat goodies.

 Before Becky died Natalie was changing clothes a couple times a day, it drove Becky crazy. This last week she's finally showing an interest in picking out her clothes and dressing herself again. Probley a month ago I was putting her to bed one night and she told me her mommy had slept with her the night before so she wouldn't be scared.Then the next morning she said, "and mommy said I couldn't go with her, and to be happy." After that she seemed to understand alittle better that mommy wouldn't be coming back, and where she was. A blessing we've all been praying for.

Yesterday we met Beth at the "bouncy place" the kids ran off alot of pent up energy. It was such fun and so nice to spend time with Beth and her darling kids. It actually got up to 55 yesterday with some sun peaking through. Was reminded of how nice it was to be outside, I'm looking so forward to spring. Natalie spread her arms up in the air saying "its spring!"

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