Saturday, February 26, 2011

trip to the aquarium

I'm sitting here watching the snow come down, were supposed to have
four inches! The grandchildren are having fun on the neighbors
hill.....the same one my children sledded on. It gets alittle loud , but I
love seeing all the grandchildren get to play together. Yesterday when
my oldest daughter got here with her six children it was so sweet to
see them hug the other cousins.....makes everything worthwhile.
We had 19 of the 21 grandchildren here for Brittons

My children didn't have that closeness with their cousins, we lived
out of state till they were older, so were trying to foster that with
our grandchildren. Our oldest daughter Lia will be moving to Maryland
with her family in July. Their in the Navy and her hubby is going to
Medical school .Were very proud of him, but, we'll miss them
terribly.  We've been so fortunate though to have them stationed
here twice. A new place to visit!

Enjoy the rest of your week-end!

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