Monday, July 25, 2011

After a lovely week-end of sun & 75 degree temperatures, today we awoke to thunder (which is a rare occurrence)and rain. Now, I don't mind the rain at all because we've yet had to water much of anything yet this summer.(theirs always an upside).But, my poor manly man is looking at what's left of his cherries and their starting to split .You'd have to know this man to realize how much his six cherry trees mean to him. I joked with the grands at cousin camp that he gets up and counts them every morning but, it wouldn't surprise me. So, I hurriedly got on the Internet , remembering that I'd seen the day before our favorite fruit group was selling a last shipment of cherries. He seemed to breath a sigh of relief as I put in an order for #25 lbs. of sour cherries (already pitted). Poor guy.
Well, an update on Mr. Buttercup....he bounced right back and is back to his old self. I've decided that Mr. Buttercup is part dog. I was in bed the other night watching a movie on my laptop, him cuddled up next to me, when he heard the front door open. He literally leaped from the bed and galloped in to greet my manly man.He meows unmercifully if your not holding him, he basically wants you to sit with most of the day. I go to the store just to get away from his demanding attitude. It's a good thing were already in love.

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