Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've been having fun updating my grandchillin wall. Number 1 , I'm giving everybody their own frame (that seemed to get a few comments). Number 2 , I'm lightening up. More white and colorful frames then black and dark brown.
I know your saying to yourself....."WHO CARES!".
But, it's making me happy and we all know when Linda's happy everyones happy. At least that's what my Manly Man say's
I've always liked the shabby sheik look , but, never really fully embraced it. I learned how to make these frames a few years ago that are alittle shabby looking. So, yesterday I took three black frames and reformed them.

So,using tons of glue over and under you glue down any
kind of lace, preferable with some bump, use your imagination.

After its completely dry, paint it with any white
paint, after it's dry rub some places with a cloth
to give it alittle used look. so simple.

Mr. Buttercup trying to get paint on him (and overseeing
the whole project.)

Not a great picture, but, finished and up.

Another one I made years ago.

A cheap plastic frame from goodwill that I spray
painted my favorite green color.

So twelve down and nine to go! I'll post a picture
when I'm all through.

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