Saturday, July 30, 2011

there's change in the air

When our son-in-law announced his engagement his two oldest daughters were here at cousin camp. We handed the phone off to Abbi first. She walked out into the garden so she could hear, and then handed off the phone to Madalynn. She came running over to us with her hands up in the air , shouting ,"I'm happy, I'm happy!"
We've had lots of talks since about the "change". Change is hard sometimes, but, so many good things can come of it.  I love the saying "Life changes...when it stops you are dead." They will have two new sisters, Hannah 10 and Rachel 8. It turns out that Hannah and Madalynn were born on the same day only hours apart.   So, the happy day is in only two weeks! August 13. Mike's sister will go home the day after they marry to start school. His parents will stay while they take a honeymoon to Hawaii for a week. I'll help where I can. Two weddings in August! Our daughter Rachel marries the 28th! Good changes!

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