Tuesday, January 22, 2013

bedside mess

 Out of the blue I had the desire to clean up my mess on my side of the
room.I don't know where it came from but am
thank ful! Some of the fun things I found
lots of books I'm "going" to read
a couple knitting projects I haven't finished
lots of dvd laying around and not in their cases!
candy wrappers(lots)
two sets of ear phones tangled in my yarn projects
misc. papers, bills, and pictures
So now you know my big secret!
What was really funny is Natalie was visiting
and wanted to help, so I had her dusting my lamp off
when she happened to look under my bed (I store magazines ,misc.
She said:
"Grandma! My dad says your room is not clean until under your bed
is clean. "
Then I got to tell her how I'm my own boss and I store stuff under
my bed. She looked unimpressed!
should I take bets on how long I can keep it clean!(I do like it better clean, really I do)


  1. I shall be showing Lady Magnon the above, but doubt if she'll pay any attention!!!

  2. I've heard that if you lie down with a cold flannel on your head, the urge to clean soon passes... I'll be giving it a go soon, that old need to Spring Clean the house is stirring within me.

  3. Bless little Natalie - that made me smile ( Not showing you what's under my bed)

  4. come on Molly ...I bared all!

    Cro! don't get me in trouble with Lady Magnon!

    I'm getting that urge to Elaine now I just need to get the energy!

  5. It seems that no matter how often I clean my side of the bed, it always gets messier after I've spent some time on it. but I bet you are better than me! Half my problem is that the kids throw their things over there, and if they put their things on James's side, he thinks they should really go on my side, too ;)

  6. You saw mine over Christmas...but I've actually cleaned it since then. I was thinking I should tidy up Tony's side of the bed, since it could actually stay clean for a few months!