Monday, July 18, 2011

the three bears

My daughter Sarah has six beautiful girls, four of them sleep in one room in bunk beds and two little beds that always remind me for some reason of the three bears story. They have a huge room, which their mom says is always messy no matter how many times they clean it. Well, every time I go in it I just get warm fuzzy feelings seeing all those beds lined up.

mom tucking in Lilly.

Me reading them a story. (of course you could read
all night to them).

I'm so thrilled that all our grandchildren are read to frequently and love to read. I also find it really sweet that they want me to read the books they love. When Autumn found out I hadn't read PollyAnna(I love the movie) she was horrified and now it's on my nightstand waiting for me to read it and report in.

Our oldest son set a great example for his siblings, he always had along list of books he wanted to read. When he started High School it really upset him that he had so little time to read the books he wanted to read, he was two busy reading what he had to read.

Not long after he died I was in the library and  came across a bookmark that said ,"I have always imagined that Heaven will be a kind of library". ~ Carl Sagan

He's ecstatic I know!

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