Friday, November 18, 2011

new babies at the starfish house

This morning, Amanda de Lange and a handful of volunteers, went to what we call the “Big O” in Xi’An China (otherwise known as the main orphanage) to see if there were any babies she could take back to her foster home. You see, Amanda doesn’t go looking for the cutest, healthiest babies they have. She goes with eyes and heart open to find the sickest, neediest babies in the orphanage. The babies who are not likely to receive the kind of necessary attention they need just to survive their first few months. Out of all of China’s unwanted ones, she seeks out those who need her the most.

That’s why I love this picture so much. This morning, these babies were just seven of many at the orphanage, but not anymore. From here on out these babies will receive round the clock love and attention, nutrition, medical care and almost rock-star like status among Amanda’s fans and supporters all around the world. Once they have been nursed back to health, Amanda does what the orphanage often does not... prepares each child’s dossier so that they can be adopted by a forever family.

And to think in a few months I will have the blessing of holding and
loving on these beautiful babies! 


  1. Oh my goodness - lucky you. They just make we wish to cuddle!

  2. My heart is so touched by your's and Amanda's capacity for love.

    If I were younger, I would want to take them all home with me.


  3. Are these babies there due to the one-child-per-family rule? If so, it's a good reason to abandon it. Well done Amanda!

  4. Lucky little babies.

  5. Can't wait to go too, Grandma!! Aren't they adorable! Did you see that one of them is named Mae?

  6. cro, no most of these babies are abandoned because they have something wrong with them, sometimes little things.The parents don't have the money for surgery, and...there is still a huge stigma to have a child with any kind of defect.It's unfortunate that people are uneducated about it.There are chinese youth that go to volunteer at the starfish house and they are realizing that these children are still beautiful, its a start.