Saturday, January 14, 2017

snow snow snow

This is the view from our front porch on a cold, snowy day. Lucky us we moved back in time for the coldest, snowiest winter in decades! It is beautiful but, after a month of it, it's starting
to get alittle old.
We are blessed to have the nicest neighbor ever.
He has regularly plowed our drive after each snowfall, I don't know 
what we would have done without him, and thank-you never seems like enough. Any ideas?

This week the schools were all closed, it'll be late release this year.
Of course we've found plenty to do inside. This has been
Jim's first full week home in months and he's enjoying it to the fullest. The garage is looking great and things are being
organized. I feel no compulsion to ever finish unpacking,  my cabinets and closets are full so the rest can stay in the boxes.

After fighting for a month to keep the goats water filled and unfrozen, we found out about these heated
buckets and rushed out to buy one. What a relief. Buster's happy!

Something we've really been enjoying is getting to go to the temple more often. We try to go every Tuesday morning, grandma too. The temple's only 15 minutes away and it's just been wonderful.  I'm so thank-ful, to go into the House of the Lord and leave feeling like I've got my priorities straight, just such joy and peace. It's as good as a massage and therapy session!

This weather makes me want to knit, nothing creative , just a couple scarfs so far. Jim's been doing some felting with his sister. They've made a couple hat's and tonight they made
a darling pair of slippers. Felting is such an incredible process, whoever invented these things are amazing!


  1. Hi Linda! I'm sure you are surprised to hear from me! It's been quite a long time but I thought I'd check into seeing what you're doing. It looks like quite a bit, in fact.

    I came down with Ovarian cancer in November and my daughter had breast cancer the year before. I remember that you lost your daughter a while back and so now we have something in common, unfortunately. So far so good for both of us. Gracie is doing fine after chemo and radiation and her prospects are quite good.

    We both carry the BRCA2 gene mutation as we found out with her diagnosis and my testing also. What a Pandora's box that opened.

    Right now I just had my 5th chemo treatment and have 13 left. I'm getting worn down but it's okay. It will be worth it.

    Additionally I quit my job with jetblue Airlines after 6 1/2 years as I wouldn't be able to handle the stress and work at the same time. Now I have time to paint more and do other things like play with grandkids when they come to visit. We have 5 now and they're all out of state.

    If you look at my blog you'll see a Christmas painting that was started a while back but I intend to get going on it when my hands are less shaky. I have plenty of other things to do in the meantime. My sister got me started on a crocheted afghan and I love doing that.

    Anyway, fun to see your smiling face again!!!!! Good luck in your new abode. It looks cozy with all the snow. Not what you expected, I'm sure! Julie Jacobsen

  2. Dearest Julie, Yes! it is good to hear from you!! So sad though to hear about you and your daughters health problems, I really hate that!! I keep thinking that'll be my challenge someday because I'm not sure how I'd deal???I guess you never know til you have to go through it. I never thought I'd make it through loosing a child especially two. God's so good to us, I'm so thank-ful everyday for all he's helped me with. Has it been that long since we talked? I didn't know you worked for jetblue? It's different for us grandchildren close, I sure miss them all the time! We both have siblings here so that's been fun. Hey, were coming to Rootstech if you'd feel like getting together. I think its Feb.8-11. I'd love to meet you! Still have that cute little cabin? take care! Linda

  3. Linda! Yes, I would love to meet you! Let's do this-I will have to be flexible as that is my bad week for chemo! I actually have it every week but every 3rd week is the double blast where I have to take steroids for 3 days. They make me feel so awful. Are you on Facebook? I'll check. Because if you are I'll Instant Message you my contact info. I hope to be okay and not a mess. I'm sure you understand.

  4. of course I understand! And now I've found out we will be without a car most of the time....our daughter will be using it. I'm so sorry Julie. How I wish I could take this away for you.

  5. I understand. So do you have a Facebook page so I can instant message? Where is your daughter? I'm in Murray. Thanks for your kind thoughts!

    1. I do have a facebook page but don't know how to tell you to get to it? phone no. 425-418-3214 e mail anytime you want to talk!

  6. Dearest Julie, Yes! it is good to hear from you!! So sad though to hear about you and your daughters health problems,