Tuesday, January 10, 2012

one down

I think this is going to be our year
of projects!
Were about ready to call Grandma Cozy and
tell her she can come home.

plumbing done
walls and ceilings patched up
carpet installed
new coat of paint on all the walls
trim being finished today
new book cases being put together today
boys coming in Fri. to help move furniture back in

And I've got another set of paint clothes!
Why do I always think I can paint without getting
paint on myself.

You know I love shutters.
Well I found a bunch of plantation shutters on
Craigslist, I really didn't know where I'd use
them but I just had to have them.
My sweet Manly Man took me all the way into
Seattle to pick them up, and their everything I
dreamed, just beautiful and I got the whole
lot of them for as much as one would have cost!
I love a good deal.
So, I found my first place for them ....
the guest room.
Love them!


  1. Thanks! Like I didn't already want to come visit! You had to go and spruce up your guest room! :)
    Love the shutters.

  2. Wow, you really started the year out well. I consider myself ambitious if I clean out a shelf in my closet.

  3. Nice looking shutters, and the big painting in the guest room looks pretty impressive too.

  4. my france picture cro, I love it.