Thursday, November 15, 2012

feeling creative?

I love how different people find so many
different ways to be creative. Some times
I'm very surprised by what people do......just because by
looking at them you'd never guess.
I know for me being creative comes in different
ways at different times.  But, one thing for
always makes me feel good.
I could go on and on about what my manly man does
to be creative but all you have to do is read his
blog and you'll see.
But, this is about me. Things that I find creative he'd
never even consider.
So here's a list of things that make me feel creative:
1. decorating my house,putting things out that make me
happy to look at. something different.
3. doing an art project
4. sewing
5. creative gardening
6.doing things with photos online and off.
7. organizing and working on genealogy.
8. teach children
Being creative is a very individual thing . When I was going through some
hard times years ago I took up quilting. I quilted my heart out and then
I just stopped. Quilting got me through a difficult time.
It takes our minds off other things.
It feeds our souls, and makes us feel like our real selves.
Life is busy but, we need to make time for our creative side.
SO, learn something new. Find a friend to teach
you to knit, or take a class. Write a poem,
or take up something you
haven't done for ages!

Happy creating!


  1. All the things you've listed, Linda, I enjoy doing too. I'm decorating the bedroom right now (which was an absolute tip when I started but is starting to shape a bit at last.) It does give you a bit of a boost though doesn't it.

  2. Uh-oh. You posted a picture of Sarah in her pajammies. Now she's going to kick your butt. ;)

  3. Molly! Post pictures please.

    Very funny dear daughter of mine......she'll deal with it!

  4. Great words to live by! Happy Thanksgiving, XOXO

  5. Lighting a garden bonfire that burns down to nothing. I love that!