Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cute Cupcakes!

Can we get enough of the cute little felt projects we see everywhere! I'v fallen deeply in love with them all and poured through three books I got before Christmas.I choose a few presents to make but still have lots of projects for the future. My favorite thing was the darling cupcakes.(pincusions).I picked up wool sweaters at goodwill and felted them in the washer and then cut them up for projects.It was hard to see my cupcakes go out the door I just wanted to keep them all .That was alittle too selfish! I also made Jim a thing to put all his knitting needles in(shhhhhhh). I'v had a hard time finding time to do all in the world did I ever get anything made when I had all the little kiddos? ....Oh, yea, I didn't. I did make alot of the childrens clothes when they were little, even panties....can you believe that! But, Christmas isn't Christmas without making something. I love seeing my daughters making PJ's for their children, hats, purses,yummy's to eat, crafts and gingerbread houses.I got to see the look on Abby's face when she opened her present from her mom...a felted purse and heard her thank her mommy over and sweet.

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