Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dinner and a Movie

We've been trying to have one friday a month dinner and a movie night.Last night we were absent the Manly Grandpa (scout campout) and Britton (spending time with family).Here's the girls making pizza.They had fun making them more than eating them.
These girls are SO good at being crazy!

We made butterflies, here's Abby's beautiful one.

I was so surprised Lance wanted to make one! He's usually way to busy.But , he took it very seriously and picked out his own buttons(I thought the cutest ones!) and glued every single one on.

Lance found Jims little measuring tape and that was way more fun than eating.

Arn't they cute!
Since Lance hadn't seen the goats yet(shame!) we went out with our flashlight and fed and petted was freezing! The kids were getting cold so we took alittle walk around the yard . They commented that Grandma Cozy's light was on so I said, "Let's go scare her", (sorry mom) and they thought that was a great idea! But, she didn't have her hearing aid in so we had to pound pretty hard to even get her attention. She smiled and waved.
We watched a fun little movie I got from the library that showed how to make fairy houses out side by alittle girl. It was really sweet and it gave the girls some ideas for when the weather gets better. (Lia and Sarah your girls would love it). It was kinda funny......Rachel and Mike showed up at 8:45 to pick up kids and I asked them what they were doing here that we had them til 10.They looked at each other and smiled and said good-by. I figured they must have been having fun...good for them!


  1. I love you mom, the girls had so much fun last night. Thanks

  2. You are such a nice Grandma. You're setting the bar pretty high for us some day! Our kids are going to have major expectations.
    I sure like your sidebar with the pictures. How did you do that?
    And thanks for letting us invade. I hate to take a break at your expense, but I sure appreciate it. :)

  3. What a beautiful example you are of what a mother,grandmother and wife should be. I Love you!