Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Manly Man

My Manly Man knits (hes so good he dosn't even have to look!)

My Manly Man spins! (orange for grandson Anthony)

My Manly Man weaves! (just learning)(french loom)

Isn't my manly man awesome! Actually my manly mans
hobbies drive me nuts sometimes but he does impress
me and I am proud of him.(I just wish sometimes he'd
spend some of that Manly time cleaning the garage!)
Would you believe we are about to hit our 35th wedding anniversary! Wow sometimes we just look at each other and can't believe we made it this long and are just happy we stuck out the bad times so we could enjoy these good times. Jim has been a wonderful husband, father and I think the thing I admire most about him is that he lives what he believes.
I'm forever grateful that I was lead to him and we were both silly enough to get married. I love the saying you see alot of now..........."All because ...of darn I can't remember it.
O.k. I remember it now...................
"All Because two people fell in Love."


  1. I think that was my favorite post so far. I love my manly man dad!! And I am glad that the two of you got hitched.

  2. Linda, I Love you! I think you guys are the most awesome family. I am so glad that in a very round about way we have family connections. :-) I would love to here your story sometime about how you guys met. 35 years is amazing. Next year it will be 20 for us. YIKES! How did that happen? Love you!